Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Qatar Lifts Company

Qatar Lifts Company products from a variety of leading manufacturers are offered, as well as the options of reconditioned lifts and rentals, in order to achieve the best match with the customer's needs and the best price. Our focus is on providing unrivaled customer service. With our professional, friendly approach and our total commitment to customer care, we provide a quality service you can rely on.

Lifts Company in Doha Qatar that works closely with each of our customers to ensure their maintenance program specifically suits the working conditions and usage pattern of their lifts. If you need optimal reliability and performance from your lifts. Our engineers will always ensure that your lifts are operational as soon as possible, and we are even able to repair parts without delay at our in-house workshop facility.

Qatar Lifts Company providing High performance lift solution is the latest addition to the Easy Living Home Lifts was designed primarily for boutique commercial applications however it is also suitable for residential homes.


1.Efficient and 30% energy saving;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Double VVVF driver , stable and reliable;

4.Green environmental, automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp;

5.Low noise;

6.Top advance door operator system;

7.Remote monitor can follow commands from a long distance away;

8.Photocell protection.

Qatar Lifts serial passenger lift fully utilizes the technological advantage lift to produce the novel fully computerized variable frequency speed control lift with the modularized control and It can integrates with the multiple architectures into a whole. It is especially fit for meeting the needs from the progressively-increased medium and high  rise constructions.

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