High efficiency and energy-saving enable you to enjoy a green and natural life cavity rectangle transparent lamp standard in the mirror finished stainless steel plate, mirror finished stainless steel square hole and soft lighting design by white transparent board Ground landing door in hair line stainless steel, other floors in painted steel

1:Automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp
2: Voice reporting
3: Low noise
4: Top advanced door operator system


1.Efficient and 30% energy saving;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Double VVVF driver , stable and reliable;

4.Green environmental, automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp;

5.Low noise;

6.Top advance door operator system;

7.Remote monitor can follow commands from a long distance away;

8.Photocell protection.


European and American standards, CE certificate
Dual-cylinder two post, Easy to operate
Automatic stop bar
Lifting fast, high-pressure cylinder
Cable-equalization system
Low energy consumption ,low noise
Automatic stop at the highest position
Extra width between posts, no floor plate
Long life hydraulic power unit
Triplicate safety locks

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