hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of non-scissor lift, which is used to transfer cargo between layers in workshop, restaurant and hotel. Because the lowered height of the table is only 150-200mm. The movement is clam, the operation is simple and reliable. Hydraulic and electric drive make cargo transfer more easy and economic. Surface shot blasting, powder coated, columns strengthened

Advantages on Foundation:

Engine room can be set within 15m around the lift, only occupies 3-4 m2.

Hydraulic lift has no counterpoise device which make more space for the lift..

The loading of the lift is afforded by the foundation, if the cargo is not heavy enough, brick or brick & concrete is OK.

Advantage on safety and stability

Besides the safe devices on normal elevator, there are still:

Overfall valve: To avoid over loading when it is moving up.

Emergency manual valve: In case power off, the lift car may drop to the nearest layer to open the door.

Manual pump: when failure occurs, operator may use manual pump to give high pressure oil to get the lift stop dropping.

Oil temperature protection: When temperature of oil is overheat, there is signal given out,stop the lift, when temperature get normal, start again.


1.Photocell protection and automatic lighting;

2.Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3.Double VVVF driver , stable and reliable;

4.Green environmental, automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp;

5.Low noise;

6.Top advanced door operator system;

7.Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine;

8.Electromagnetic compatibility without interference with each other;

9.Group control managing system;

10. With CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates.

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